Everything You Need to Know About Voice Art

Voice art - Sound Wave

Have you heard of Voice Art, also known as Sound Wave Art? Keep reading to know more about it:)

Voice art is a unique sound-based art creation that can turn your favorite voices and sounds into a distinct work of art to hang on the walls of your home. Voice art is one of the latest tech-based artistic innovations to come out in recent years; its distinct look, affordable price and highly customizable appearance options have led to it becoming one of the top gift ideas for everything from birthdays to anniversaries and everything in between. If you want to know more about voice art, consider the following guide that will teach you the essentials about this unique artistic gift.

What Is Voice Art?

Voice art is art which has been transformed from an audio sound or video clip into sound waves. These sound waves are then transformed into a work of art through customizable options that allow you to change a variety of factors that influence the overall appearance of the voice art. The options that you can change when it comes to finalizing it include:

Color. You can change the colors of the sound waves on the final art piece. The color options are a great way to tailor the sound art to a specific room or style. For instance, sound art for a home with a minimalistic modern look would likely look best with black and shades of grey; whereas sound wave art for a children’s bedroom would likely look best with fun and vibrant colors like blues, greens, pinks, and oranges. You can mix and match colors in most cases as well, allowing you to create a wholly unique work of art.

Style. You can change the overall style of your artwork as well. The style can also be a reflection of your home’s overall aesthetic, allowing you to create it that fits in with your interior style rather than clashing with it.

QR Codes. Another option you have to customize voice art is to include or not include QR codes. QR codes will lead the scanner to the audio clip or video clip that you have transformed into a sound wave artwork. This is a great tech-based element that adds a unique twist to your artwork.

How to create it Voice Art?

Voice art is created relatively simply on the end of the client/creator. In order to create voice art, all you need to do is head to the voice art creator link. From this link, you will then upload an audio or video clip; if you don’t have just the audio clip, that’s fine, as the audio can be taken from the video clip and used to create the voice art. Then, you will select the portion of the audio or video clip that you want to be transformed into art. It’s best to stick to clips that are medium in length, but you can play around with longer or shorter options to see what works best for your needs as well.

Once you have the selected clip ready, then you can select the conversion option. The converted voice wave can be customized according to the specifications on the creator platform, which can include changing elements such as color and overall style.

Once you are satisfied with your voice art, then you can decide how you would like to purchase it. You can purchase it digitally so that you can print it however you would like or you can purchase a pre-made high quality canvas that will be shipped to you. Which option you choose will depend on your personal preferences and what type of gift or gifts you are hoping to create with your voice art.

Voice art paper, poster and canvas

What Sounds Can Sound Wave Art Transform?

Just about any sound! Sound wave art isn’t limited strictly to voices, though those are the most popular option for voice art creation. Other sounds that can be transformed into voice art include: wedding/marriage vows, people saying “I love you,” ultrasound heartbeats, baby’s first word, love songs, favorite songs, first dance wedding songs, home movie clips and much more.

The sky is really the limit when it comes to transforming sounds into a sound wave artwork since there so many opportunities to turn sound into a truly meaningful gift. For instance, if you have a loved one who has passed away, you can commemorate them with a voice artwork creation; the QR code that can be scanned on the art will then lead you and any other family members or friends who scan it to a memory of the loved one that has passed. This is an especially good gift to give to children who have lost grandparents or other loved ones, or anyone who simply wants a cherished memory of a late loved one.

When Does It Make a Good Gift?

Voice art makes for a wonderful gift for many reasons. If you still need convincing, consider these primary reasons why voice art makes such a great gift for people of all ages.

Sentimental. Voice art can be very sentimental, which makes it a perfect gift for anniversaries or other sentimental moments. Sentimental moments such as wedding vows, baby’s heartbeat, and so on, can be perfectly captured in a voice art creation that will be cherished for years to come.

Affordable. It is very affordable, considering how innovative and unique it is and considered that it is completely customized to your tastes. You can save even more money if you opt for the digital option that lets you print it out at home, although the canvas options are the most affordable option if you intend on having the voice art printed on high-quality canvas rather than photo paper.

Unique. Everyone loves to have something unique, and sound artwork definitely fits that bill! Voice art is something that most people won’t have or be previously gifted, so you don’t have to worry about being the third person to get the same thing as someone unwraps their birthday or baby shower gifts.

Tech-savvy. Everyone loves a good tech gift, and the QR code option that comes with your order is the perfect way to incorporate tech into a gift without it being over the top or unwieldy. Guests, family members and friends will all be able to scan the QR code on the art in seconds and find themselves watching an audio or video clip of the moment captured in soundwave art forever.

Of course, voice art doesn’t just make a good gift for others! It makes the perfect gift for yourself as well, whether you are buying yourself something as a personal reward or you simply want to find something to add to the current décor in your home.

How Is It Different From Typical Wall Art?

When you think about typical wall art, what comes to mind? Likely images of bland sailboats, whales, beach scenes, forest scenes and all sorts of stereotypical and mass printed images that have been sold and resold time and time again. Typical wall art just isn’t unique or reflective of your personality at all, which is why it tends to look bland and boring on the wall.

Voice art, on the other hand, has major advantages over typical wall art. Voice art is completely unique: no two voice arts are going to look the same and they won’t lead to the same personal memories via audio or video clip, either. Voice art also has a distinct look that won’t be mass printed and hung up on the walls of everyone who happened to shop at a major franchise retailer, either. It will be something that only you—and anyone else you’ve gifted the voice art print to—will have on your wall.

Another way that voice art differs from typical wall art is the sentimentality and personal input. Wall art tends to be mass produced, and it’s not typically something that “means something” to you on any personal level. Voice art, on the other hand, is created with something from your life—whether it’s a video of your family laughing at a BBQ or your baby’s first words—and that something will mean more to you than any mass printed picture of dogs or sunflowers.

Make soundwave art

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a unique, innovative gift that will change the way you look at wall art forever, then you don’t want to pass up the opportunity to gift someone sound art—or even make voice art to add to your personal home décor collection. It is an affordable, interesting gift opportunity that lets you take sentimental audio or video and turn it into a work of art that will be admired and talked about on the walls of someone’s home for years to come. The addition of the QR code option makes it even more memorable, and you’ll never forget the first time you can scan a QR code and bring up the “voice” behind your voice art for the first time.

If you are ready to create a truly unique work of art, start creating it today.


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