In short, a sound wave is the visual display of a sound.

First, we extract the sound waves of an audio/video file uploaded on our website. Then we enable users to design awesome soundwaves thanks to our special algorithm where users are free to change colors, form of the waves, add text, etc. Users can also add QR Code to their design so that anyone who scans the QR Code can be redirected to their special webpage to play the uploaded audio/video.

Did you know that your voice generates its own distinctive pattern, just as a fingerprint? And our algorithm allows you to change your soundwave as much as you want to turn it into a piece of art.

In most of the orders people turned the following into a Sound Wave Pic:

  • Marriage proposals
  • Wedding vow
  • Their favorite music
  • Voice of their baby
  • Two Yessssses told on weddings
  • “I love you” or “I do”
  • Dog barking
  • Heartbeat of their baby

The most common reason is DRM (Digital Rights Management) which brings the modification and distribution of a copyrighted item under control. iTunes is one of mostly known DRM user. You cannot play a music bought on iTunes anywhere but iTunes.

One of the best place to get a DRM free music is Amazon Music Store. You can buy/download from anywhere but please make sure the music file is DRM free. For example, iTunes uses DRM which prevents you to process the music file on our website or anywhere else.

We support almost all the video and audio formats.

First, listen to the uploaded file to determine which part you want to remain and drag the left and right pointers to have the desired part in the middle. Click cut button (scissors icon) to cut the audio/video.

By adding a QR Code, you’ll have the chance to listen to the music associated with the sound wave picture whenever you want. Suppose you hung your wedding vow on your living room. You’ll give your guests the chance to scan and see what it is rather than explaining the soundwave.

Let’s say you have guests that you don’t want give access listening to your wedding vow. Then, add a password on your QR code that will bring a password to play the audio/video file.

Yes, you can. Our system will extract its audio and turn it into soundwave that is ready to be designed.

Yes, you can cut your audio/video to have only the desired parts.

It will be removed once the order has been placed.

Digital downloads are resizable and $24.95. Posters and Canvases are available in the following sizes:

CanvasPriceShipping to US & Canada & GBShipping to EU CountriesOther CountriesOther Countries Additional Item
PosterPriceShipping to US & Canada & GBShipping to EU CountriesOther CountriesOther Countries Additional Item

Optional QR Code extension is $9.95.

Digital download is available instantly once your design is ready. Digital downloads are resizable and available in PDF and SVG

Posters are Fine Art Prints which are digitally printed on premium matted artist-grade custom developed 264 gsm paper with archival, acid-free pigment-based inks, with 300dpi, giving each piece of art an elegant finish. Frame is not included.

Canvas Wraps are printed on high-quality artist stock, then stretched and wrapped around wood fiberboard. Canvases frames are 1.25” thick and come with hooks for instant hanging.

We ship worldwide.

Shipping toProduction takesShipping takesShips from
United States1-3 business days1-3 business days (exceptionally 5 business days)United States
United Kingdom1-3 business days1-3 business days (exceptionally 5 business days)United Kingdom
European Union1-3 business days1-3 business days (exceptionally 5 business days)United Kingdom
Canada1-3 business days3-7 business daysUnited States
Other Countries1-3 business days3-7 business daysUnited States or United Kingdom depending on the location