Why You Should Capture Your Wedding Dance in Sound Wave Art

Why and How to turn your Wedding Dance into Soundwave Artwork? Keep reading 🙂

Would you like a truly unique photo of your wedding dance to hang on your wall? No, we’re not talking about a stylized black-and-white photo of the dance itself or a sketch of those first steps you took on the dance floor: we mean a picture of your wedding song proudly displayed for everyone to see and enjoy. How do you hang up a wedding song, you ask? Through the unique art of sound wave picture that will turn your wedding song into a magical, memorable piece of sound wave picture. SoundWavePic.com lets you convert audio from audio or video files into a visual representation of those sounds; sound wave pictures can be customized with all sorts of colors and visual styles, so they are ideal for fitting into the interior design of any room or home.

Your Wedding Song: Immortalized Forever

It’s not secret that picking up the right wedding song is one of those important yet highly difficult choices you’ll make before your wedding. You want your wedding dance song to be personal and sentimental, yet not cloying or cliche. It’s a song you’ll want to remember forever; and thanks to our unique Sound Wave Picture process, you can capture the memory of your wedding dance like never before.

Our sound wave process is simple: first, you upload audio or video of your wedding dance to our website. Then you choose the colors and shapes of your sound wave design, add text if you’d like, and click “finish.” You’ll receive a QR code, download link, and the option to purchase your sound wave picture on fine art quality paper or canvas. If you’ve chosen to keep the QR code on the picture, you can scan it with your phone or mobile device at any time and you’ll be directed to a link where you can listen to your sound wave.

Sound Wave Picture: Perfect for Wedding Gifts and Anniversary Gifts

Choosing a wedding gift can be almost as hard as planning a wedding! If you want to make a real impression on the newly happy couple, then a sound wave picture will be an excellent choice. These unique personalized gifts are truly the best wedding gifts for couples who will want to remember their special day–and the start of the rest of their lives–for years to come.

You can even give a sound wave picture as an anniversary gift! Anniversary gifts are the perfect time to bring out memories of the wedding, and what could be more memorable than a unique picture of the first wedding dance?

Whether you’re purchasing sound wave art of your own wedding dance or you want to up the wedding gifts ante with a gift that the couple will truly appreciate, don’t hesitate; head on over to Sound Wave Picture to start making a cool and memorable art of sound wave that will truly be the talk of room.


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