What Is the Best Gift for a Music Lover Friend? Search No More!

Gift Song sound wave to music lover friend

We all have favorite songs. Some of the music stays in our head right away and resonates in our working memory for hours or days, but we don’t really like it. Effective advertising jingles are consistent with this description. And then there are songs or music to which you consciously come back again and again through your playlist, or those that make you smile immediately when they fill your environment spontaneously. Why do we develop favorite songs? And why is it so individual and unpredictable that those who will stay with us, while others will not? Through the different phases of life, we select new favorites and develop a musical healing of our own identity.

We intuitively know that music induces both an aesthetic response and an emotional response. We can find beautiful music, but that is not enough to make it a favorite. Our favorite song just makes us happy most of the time, while recognizing that rhythm and lyrics are only average. Functional brain imaging research has shown that our brain captures music and processes it in a variety of specific locations, each coding different aspects ranging from abstract sounds to rhythms, letters and language. These separate brain regions then send information to additional regions with different functions, which form complex and interdependent associations that produce the aesthetic experience and the emotional outcome. One school of thought is that our favorite music is due in large part to its emotional impact, such as the effect when we attend a concert of our favorite band.

A very popular way to show off your love of this is to have your favorite song turned into an art of sound wave picture. I can hear you saying what the heck is sound wave picture😊. It is kind of magic that let you create amazing custom gifts. It lets you have the sound wave of your favorite music, customize it in terms of color, shape and many other things. They are eye catching, look fantastic & perhaps most importantly of all don’t break the bank!

The great thing with creating sound wave art is made to look exactly how you want. For example, some of my favorite artist’s include Elvis Presley, The Beatles (in particular John Lennon) and Oasis so I made up some records of my own to get my sound wave art.

It is also a great gift idea for music lover friend. Stop searching for the right gift for your music lover friend and register to create your custom sound wave picture. It is also great to have your very own art of sound wave of your favorite music on your wall… So, let me know what is your favorite music in the comment section below.

How Do You Turn Your Favorite Song into Sound Wave Picture?

First you’ll need to upload your song into our platform. Please make sure you have the necessary rights to use the song and it should be DRM free. DRM (Digital Rights Management) prevents you to process the music file on our website or anywhere else. Once you have your song/music, the rest is incredibly easy using the Sound Wave Picture’s unique platform. (For detailed explanations, please see this article) 

  • Step One: Upload your audio or video to the site and trim the portion you’d like to transform. You can of course have the full song or a certain part using our trim feature.
  • Step Two: Tinker around with the sound wave controls to choose widths, colors and shapes for your sound wave picture. You can add custom text if you’d like; and choose whether or not you want a QR code
  • Step Three: Download your art as high quality sizable PDF or choose to have it printed on a canvas or poster.
  • Step Three: Hang up the art and enjoy! Be sure to scan your QR code when you want to enjoy your special moment

If you are ready to have a unique piece of art that captures your favorite song, why wait? No matter if it is for you or for your friend: Create Sound wave art of a song now!


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