Want Your Favorite Song on Your Wall? Capture it with Sound Wave Art

favorite music turned into soundwave art

Turn your favorite song into the favorite art on your wall, all designed by yourself! Keep reading!

Who doesn’t love music? And who doesn’t want to enjoy their favorite song to the fullest? Now you can take your love for your favorite song and put it right on your wall—and no, we’re not talking about 90s-style magazine collages made with plenty of tape and valuable time. We’re talking Sound Wave art that transforms any sound into a visually pleasing work of art that you can hang up and enjoy whenever and wherever you’d like.

Your Favorite Song In Front of Your Eyes

Your favorite song is something that is special and personal to you—no matter who the artist is, what genre the song is from, or how long it’s been your favorite. That is why capturing your favorite song with a sound wave picture is such a special and unique way to embrace your love for that song all over again. All you have to do is glance at your wall and you’ll see one of your favorite pieces of music looking right back at you.

And you don’t have to limit it to your favorite song: this makes the perfect gift idea, too! If you know the favorite song of your friend, family member, spouse or any other loved one, you can easily create a personalized gift that lets them know you care about them and your passions.

How Does Sound Wave Art Work?

Sound wave art is the end result of transforming sound waves—aka, something every sound creates—into a cool piece of art. Sound Wave Picture lets you transform sounds into art in a very easy and simple to use process, which works as follows:

  • Step One: You upload your audio or video clip on our site and trim it as much as you’d like
  • Step Two: Wait for the algorithm to create your sound wave, then use the built-in tools to alter colors, widths and other elements until you’re satisfied
  • Step Three: Download your art or have it printed on a fine art canvas
  • Step Four: Enjoy it!

Best of all, sound wave art is completely customizable. You can pick whatever colors would suit the room or your home’s interior aesthetic; you can alter the style of the sound wave; you can choose to add custom text; and you can choose to add a QR code which will lead to your sound wave moment on our website. All you have to do is scan the code and you’ll be taken right to your moment!

Make soundwave art

Sound Wave Picture: the Perfect Musical Gift

Everyone loves music, and everyone has that favorite song that brings back great memories, speaks to them on a personal level, or simply gets their toes tapping to the beat. If you want your favorite song—or the favorite song of any loved one—represented in the most unique way possible, don’t wait! Order a Sound Wave picture today and start the process of creating a unique, memorable gift that will be treasured for years to come.


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