The Story of Sound Wave Picture

Sound Wave Picture

Every sound or vibration you hear has a graphical correspondence; when that graphical correspondence is charted, it’s called a sound wave, otherwise known as a graphic representation of a sound. We created mathematical algorithms that enable users to make those sound waves look visually attractive and aesthetically pleasing. Our platform enables users to convert any sound into sound wave picture. The only thing you need to do is to upload your sound on our platform and wait a few moments for your sound wave picture to be generated.

Our Story:

I was desperately thinking about a gift to get my wife for our first anniversary. I searched the internet for a special and personalized gift—something that would stand out without being too impersonal or generic. I couldn’t find anything that was truly unique. It was then that I thought: why not gift her a “sound?” Through my anniversary gift search, I came up with the idea of a sound wave picture; a picture that would let me hang up a special moment right in our living room.

I found our wedding video and trimmed it to include just our wedding vows. It was hard to turn the raw soundwaves into something fancy, and I spent an entire week researching to ensure that the sound wave image turned out perfectly. I decided to add some special text—“I love you”—below the sound wave image itself. And finally, it was ready. I found a fine art print shop in town, had my image custom printed, and hung it on our bedroom. My wife went crazy for the surprise—and yes, she cried! She found the idea thoughtful and pleasant to look at, as well. We even got compliments from friends and family who saw the image on social media!

It Turned into a Business Idea

It was then I realized that a sound wave picture would be a great gift idea for anybody who wants a personalized, unique and completely custom gift for themselves or a loved one. I decided to create an algorithm that will enable anyone to turn their sound into a piece of art with just a few clicks of a mouse.

And now that we’ve created our special algorithm, customers only need to upload an audio/video or record it online to get started. There are infinite customization choices on our website, including the form, shape and the color of the soundwave. Customers can also add a custom text on the picture. We have so many happy customers and our shared happiness is our motivation to maintain and grow our business.

We added QR Code on Sound Wave Images

Our growth didn’t stop with the algorithm: one day, my wife was trying to explain what those soundwaves mean to her friends at home. That day was a light-bulb moment for me—what was the best way to let friends, family and other guests know what was in the sound wave? I came up with the idea that we should add QR codes on the pictures to play the sound or video used to make the picture. And we did, and since then it has become a very popular feature.

To test it out, I created a soundwave picture of my marriage proposal with a small QR code on it. My wife hung it on our living room on full display. Whenever, she wants to share our marriage story, she shows the picture and tells her friends to scan the QR code, which leads them to the moment I asked my wife: “Will you marry me?” It’s something my guests—and my wife—will never forget.

So, if this is something you are looking for, go ahead and create your personalized soundwave picture art by simply registering on our website. If you don’t like it what you’ve created, you simply don’t buy it or change the style. Hope you will enjoy!

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