Second Anniversary Gift Ideas

Best Second Anniversary Cotton Gift Ideas

The traditional second anniversary gift is cotton. But we have more to say!

Although the second anniversary may not get all the attention of the first, it certainly is better in the sense that you have been married for two years and not just one. Finding the right gift for this special time does not mean having to break the bank. In fact, there are many excellent second anniversary gift ideas for him that you will enjoy giving.

What follows is a little history of second anniversary gifts and a few ideas to help you provide that present which will be remembered.

Cotton & Porcelain

If you were curious as to the traditional second anniversary gift, it is cotton. Cotton represents strength in a marriage, the need to remain strong even during troubled times. Plus, cotton can be made into different fabrics, clothing, and the like. This represents the ability to adapt to change which is what marriage is all about. Do you know what would make your second anniversary gift more special? A personalized gift of course! Soundwave of your wedding dance song printed on a cotton canvas would be a unique second anniversary gift. That is what we have to offer but you have lots of other options. Keep reading to find out more.

Today, the traditional gift is porcelain or china which is also valuable around the home. A set of dishes is something you usually get with your wedding presents. So, unless you need another set or want to drop a strong hint, there are other gift ideas for him that might work out better.  

Gifts for Him

If there is something he’s always wanted and it is within your price range, that is the obvious gift to give. However, if your budget is tight or you are not sure what gift will work best here are a few good ideas.

Inflatable Outdoor Sofa: What was all the rage a few years ago is still all the rage. This is a simple, inexpensive, yet quite durable outdoor sofa that can be inflated in seconds. It’s perfect for almost any outdoor event because it can be used as a bench or a place to nap.

Personalized Money Clip: Anyone can wear a money clip, but a personalized one speaks to your affection for the man in your life. A personalized money clip means that every time he uses it, he’ll be reminded of the love you have for him.

Hot Sauce Kit: Spicing up the food has never been better if you get a kit of sauces that he enjoys. That means if your man likes to put hot sauce on his food, you can purchase a kit of his favorite sauces or even get a DIY kit that offers packs, recipes, and more.

Classic Bar Set: This combination of stainless-steel shaker, cup, and cigar holder makes for the perfect gift even if he doesn’t smoke or drink. Mostly because it makes for a great decoration piece and you can find other uses for the shaker if desired.

Also remember that you can build on the first anniversary gift that you gave him, building up a string of gifts over time that he will appreciate and remember as you grow together.

The second anniversary is just as special as the first, so be sure your second anniversary gift ideas are ones that will be remembered for all the anniversaries that follow.


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