How to Use Soundwave Art For Events

soundwave art for events

Soundwave Art can be used for your wedding, event, tradeshow, or corporate meeting

Soundwave art has made a name for itself as a personalized gift and home décor item, but soundwave art has infinite potential that extends to business and corporate purposes. The following is a guide on how soundwave art can be used on both business and corporate levels. If you are not sure how to use for your next event, just send us an email and we can discuss further.

Our software is capable of creating hundreds of soundwave arts at the same time. If your event requires people to create their soundwave art at the same time and print them out instantly, we can do that. We’ve created a dedicated soundwave editor for Ping Identity at San Francisco RSA Conference which produced soundwave art with participant’s voices printed into 5×7″ cards with their company colors, slogan, and logo at the background. Their participants were leaving a voice record into the microphone and get a print out of their voice soundwave instantly.

The Importance and Uniqueness of Soundwave Art

It’s important to understand what makes soundwave art so unique. Soundwave art is an artistic representation of an audio soundwave, which is derived either from an audio file or extracted from the sound in a video. Every soundwave is unique—just like fingerprints, the inflections and vibrations of sound generate a distinctive pattern that can’t be perfectly replicated. It is this uniqueness and potential for creativity that has made soundwave art grow exponentially in popularity.

How Soundwave Art Can Be Used By Businesses

Soundwave art can be used on any occasion that demands something special, unique and memorable. Personalization and customizable artwork or elements in any event are always viewed with positivity and remembered long after the event has passed.


For weddings, soundwave art can be used in the form of creating wedding invitations. A wedding invitation with soundwave art has limitless possibilities. Brides and grooms and record a video of themselves inviting the guests to attend their wedding and transform it into a soundwave invitation card with a QR code; when the QR code on the card is scanned, the invited guest will be able to view the video on their mobile device.

Corporate Meetings

Soundwave art can be used in corporate meetings as well. Soundwave art can create a visual representation of the names for each person participating in the meeting; we can have a professional vocal artist (male and female options) record the names or other text you wish to use for our corporate meeting. An artistic soundwave can also be used to record a slogan, speech or other important text related to the corporate meeting. Our software also allows hundreds of people to create their soundwave art at the same time and send to print instantly.


Soundwave art can be used to create custom invitations which include the name of the conference, the name of the person being invited, and any other relevant information. We can have our vocal artist record this custom text for you. It is also possible to generate coupon codes for participants of the conference, which will be an impressive and appreciated gesture.

Hotels and Cafes

Hotels, cafes and similar businesses can easily use soundwave art for business space decor as well as marketing; for marketing purposes, slogans and other relevant business information can be turned into unique soundwave art.

Why Choose

We are one of the few companies who have developed their own software to create and design soundwave art. We also have an intuitive online editor that allows you to easily trim video or audio, customize frequencies, customize thickness, add text, choose colors,  add QR codes and more. Most soundwave art companies do all of the work for you and don’t have many–if any–customization options beyond color. We also offer the ability for our clients to download art instantly as a PDF which can be sent to a local printer or printed themselves; or they can choose to order a poster or canvas that we will ship. At, we pride ourselves on our professional and customizable online editor, our range of options for our clients, and our top notch customer service.


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