How to Remember Your Wedding “I Dos” Forever in Sound Wave Art

wedding vow art

Every bride and groom want to remember that special moment when they finally said: “I do–I do.” And while traditional photos and video are certainly the typical way most couples look back on their wedding, there is something that takes wedding memories to the next level: Sound wave art. Sound wave art is a cutting-edge way to transform sounds and videos into visual art; it is perfect for wedding gifts, an anniversary gifts, or even purchasing on your own as a memento from your own wedding.

How Sound Wave Picture Works

A Sound wave art is simple and fun. All you need to do is upload the video or audio of your moment to the website and you’ll be taken to the to the Sound Wave Picture editor. From there, you can trim the audio to your liking, and play around with the colors used in the sound wave everything from the colors and gradients to the line width, text additions, and more. If you want, you can check the option to include a QR code on the photo, which will allow anyone to scan the code and be taken to a unique link that lets them listen to your moment on their mobile device. Once your image is finished, it’s time to do one of two things: download the image and print it yourself or pay for the sound wave picture to be printed on some fine art canvas or fine art paper. Both options can be great depending on your needs and whether or not you’d rather skip the hassle of printing it on your own. And that’s it–in just a few short steps, a unique sound wave picture of that special moment when the couple cemented their marriage will be captured forever.

Why Sound Wave Pictures are Best Gift for Couples

There are a lot of wedding gifts, anniversary gifts and other gift options out there–so why Soundwave art? The essential reason boils down to one key factor: Soundwave art is completely unique! There is simply no other sentimental gift out there that allows you to visually capture a moment in a such an artistic way instead of showcasing it in a standard photograph. Sure, photos are fun: but creating a genuinely artistic representation of a sound is something that will be treasured forever. And because you can customize your pictures as much as you want, you can make sure that they fit in with your (or the gift recipients) home decor, so there’s no worries about the image standing out! If you’re looking for a truly memorable way to capture that moment when a couple first said “I do–I do” at their wedding, you need look no further than a piece of customized sound wave picture art. You–and anyone lucky enough to receive such a sentimental gift–will remember it forever.

Are You Still Looking for an Extraordinary Marriage Proposal?

If you’re thinking about marriage, and you’re ready to propose, what’s the best way to go about it? Do you propose in front of friends and family or alone to your partner? Do you make it an elaborate affair or a quiet moment? A marriage proposal is a nerve-wracking experience. Everyone wants to be creative when asking their girlfriend to marry them. Coming up with unique ideas is a bit of a challenge, but your proposal doesn’t have to be unique. Proposing at nightfall on a beach is romantic. Concealing the ring in food is… well, something we’ve all seen in movies so it would most likely work out fine and dandy. A glimmer horde proposition would be extraordinary. However, it would most likely take you longer to design one of those than it would take you to design a genuine wedding. How about you try thinking outside the box and inside the frame. By working with Sound Wave Picture, you can transform your marriage proposal into an art of sound wave picture. It’s unimaginably simple. You wrap it up as a gift and asking them to open it? Do you prefer to have rose petals that go from the front door to the artwork hanging on the wall? Anyway, they probably stare at you with a confused look. What could this mean? But when you tell them, this artwork will quickly become their favorite of all time. And you can add a QR code on the picture and let her discover by herself. There are many ways to turn your sound wave picture into a unique marriage proposal. Be creative Be romantic Be spontaneous. But do not worry about the art of voice. You can leave that to us. You should register first to get started. If you already registered, log in to create your own art!


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