How to generate sound wave art

Sound wave art is the end result of generating sound waves—aka, something every sound creates—into a cool piece of art. Sound Wave Picture lets you transform sounds into art in a very easy and simple to use process. In this article, we will walk you through with the steps on how to generate sound wave art.

Check the steps below to generate sound wave art for free. Buy it, if your really like it;)

Let's Generate Sound Wave Art Together!

Step 1: Upload/Record a Sound

After you put your email address and sign up on the website, you will have access to the user dashboard (online sound wave art generator). On the left hand side, upload a video or audio file to have the visual sound wave of it, or record your voice with the record button. Allow the editor a couple seconds to generate the sound waves of your sound. It may sometimes take up to 30 seconds to upload your file depending upon the size of your file. Then, click next…

Upload/Record Voice to generate sound wave art

Step 2: Coloring of Sound Wave

At this step, you will simply choose the color palette of your sound wave and decide on the coloring type: It could be either each color is disseminated through the sound wave, or soft diffusion from one color to another. It could be selected from the “Select coloring type”. Afterward, you need to create a palette of your own choice or select a ready palette. Choose up to 5 colors for your palette.

Sound wave colors

Step 3: Style the sound waves

Styling options of your sound wave is literally infinite. There are 3 waveform types though: Bars, Linear or radial sound wave. After selecting your main waveform type, you can adjust the line width, line spacing, grid spacing, etc by shifting the knobs. There are different adjustment options under each waveform type. When you bring the look of your sound wave to your liking, click next…

Sound wave art styling

Step 4: Let's add some text on it!

You may want to add some text add this point… It could be the words said in your sound wave, your and your partner’s names, the name of your baby, whatever you want. And there are a lot of fonts to choose from. The colors of your sound waves comes as default options to color your text. However, you may choose another color for it. You can put the text top, center, bottom, left or right. After you select the font size by shifting the know, click next.

Text added to sound wave image

Step 5: Add a QR Code, if you wish

Adding a QR Code makes it a tech gift as well. Whenever you scan the QR Code, you go to a custom web page where your audio/video plays below the ordered product. A pointer follows the represented sound waves as your audio plays. You can place your QR Code on different spots on the image.

You can make the audio/video password required if you want to. This way, you need to generate a password which will be asked to anyone who scans this QR code. You can upload any special audio/video as it cannot be reached without the password.

Sound wave image QR Code

Step 6: Print your sound wave art

This is the last step! You can either download your image instantly or let it be be shipped to you as a canvas or poster. Both ways are convenient. We have free shipping to many countries including United States, Canada, United Kingdom, European Union countries. After you make your choice, submit your payment and that’s it. 

Voila: Sound wave art!

You will receive one of a kind personalized sound wave art once you complete purchase, not to mention that the watermark will be removed, either it is a digital download, canvas or poster.


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