First Anniversary Gift

1st Anniversary paper gifts

Still thinking about what to get for the first anniversary gift? We have a couple of ideas!

A typical marriage will face many joys along with some issues, but of the instances where both may occur is finding the right first anniversary gift for him. The first anniversary is a special occasion just like all the rest that will happen, but shopping for the right gift can be challenging especially for the man who is hard to shop for in the first place.

What follows are a few simple gift ideas that make the perfect choice for him when you are shopping for a first-year anniversary gift.


You may not know it, but the traditional first anniversary gift is paper. Paper is the traditional gift because it represents the newness of your marriage along with being substantial if still fragile. Plus, it means that the rest of your story is still to be written. You can be creative with this choice from a simple set of paper to something printed and more elaborate. We offer paper prints on our website and we make it even more special with our soundwave art prints. Soundwave print of your first dance song or soundwave of your saying “I love you” to your partner will be a special one.

Voice art - Sound Wave


You may have noticed that every anniversary is associated with a specific gemstone except for the first which is gold. You can choose from many different gold accessories such as cufflinks, tie bars, or money clips. Just because it is made of gold doesn’t mean you have to break the bank.


For modern times, the clock has become the traditional first anniversary gift. The obvious answer for a man’s gift is a watch, but you can be creative with this one as well. Perhaps a novelty clock that he can put in his office, garage, or den. Whatever you choose, a clock makes for a good gift that he will appreciate.

But if you are looking for something outside the mainstream, then here are a few choices that will help you find the right gift.

Date Ideas Book

You can buy him a book of date ideas or create some yourself to provide new activities for every week if you desire. This is a great way to spend more time together doing fun activities from going out to the club to hiking in the wilderness or just some quite time together at home.


A map tells you where you are at and where you may go. You can choose from many different maps that show the world today or yesterday. You can also purchase a map that lets you pick destinations for travel. A simple push-pin map offers plenty of adventure for the year to come.


When in doubt, a new wallet is always appreciated. A good leather wallet is nice, but you can choose from different types that suit his style. You can even select modern metal wallets that are comfortable but will last for a very long time. A wallet may be an old-fashioned choice, but it is one that he will appreciate especially if he needs a new one.

Finding the right first anniversary gift for him means keeping it simple while reflecting your love for your husband. It pays to know that you have plenty of gifts to choose from that will make both of you quite happy.  


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