Fifth Anniversary Gift Ideas

Quick tip: Traditionally, 5th year anniversary gift is "wood"

The fifth anniversary may not get the attention of the first one, but it still garners it’s fair share. After all, any anniversary that ends with a five or zero is going to be noticed by family and friends along with your spouse. As the anniversary approaches, you will have to think about the type of present that is perfect for the man in your life. This means fifth year anniversary gift ideas that he will certainly enjoy.

Traditional Gifts for the Fifth Anniversary

The traditional five-year anniversary gift is wood. Wood symbolizes the strength of your marriage, its durability, and demonstrates how strong your relationship has become over the past five years. And while wood has its many uses, giving him a fireplace log may not get the best reaction. 

The modern gift idea for the fifth anniversary is silverware which may be a great gift for both of you, especially if the silverware that you received as part of your wedding presents is looking a bit quaint. However, if you are looking of gifts that will put a smile on his face, what follows are some excellent ideas.

Gifts for Men

Bluetooth Speakers: Who doesn’t love a good pair of speakers? Especially when they are Bluetooth controlled and come in a stylish wood design. You’ll want to get the ones that are battery powered, so they can be placed where needed. From the garage to the den to wherever he loves to listen to his favorite music or radio station, this is a great gift.

Engraved Cutting Board: If your man loves to cook, then no gift will please him more than an engraved cutting board. Wooden cutting boards have been used for thousands of years and today they are the perfect platform for preparing meat and vegetables for a meal. Putting his name on it will remind him each time it is used about how special you are in his life.

Personalized Knife: Knives are very useful tools, especially when hunting, camping, or fishing. A personalized knife is not only useful, it reminds him of the love that you have when he uses it to do some work. A good personalized life can also be a lifesaver as the right ones can cut seat belts and break windows to escape an accident.

Wooden Cufflinks: If you want to stick with tradition, a set of wooden cufflinks will do the trick. These are actually metal cufflinks that feature a wooden center, much like where you set a gemstone. The wood is long-lasting, so it only requires a little maintenance. But the memories will be for a lifetime as when your man gets dressed up, he’ll put on these remarkable wooden cufflinks.

These fifth anniversary gift ideas are just the start. You can look for other ideas that are similar in terms of their design and price. Remember, you do not have to break the bank as you can find some marvelous gifts for a low price that he will treasure always.


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