Baby’s First Words Sound Wave

Sound wave of baby's first words

Why and How to turn your baby's first words, heartbeat, or giggling into sound wave? Keep Reading 🙂

Your baby’s first words—their first heartbeat—the first time they say “hello!” Your baby’s first moments are something that you will remember for the first of your life; and they are something you will surely want to share with your friends, family and when they are old enough, your child as well. Your baby’s first words sound wave would be the one you will hang on your wall for years to come.  How would you like to be able to see your child’s first moments—whether it’s their heartbeat, their first words, the first time they say “mom” or “dad”—on the wall? Now you can with a unique sound wave picture that transforms your baby’s most previous moments to beautiful art that you put on the wall of your living room, nursery, bedroom or anywhere else in your home.

What Is Sound Wave Art?

Sound wave art is a unique visual depiction of sound that transforms audio into visual sound waves, which are then further altered into a pleasing artistic picture.  Sound wave pictures can be used to transform all sorts of audio and video moments, ranging from weddings to proposals to music and of course, those precious early moments of your child.

Baby’s First Moments: Captured Forever

One of the great things about sound wave art is that it allows you to experience and remember your baby’s first moments in a truly unique way. You won’t have to bring out the phone every time you want to watch a video of your baby’s first words—you can just glance at your living room wall and scan the QR code to hear them again and again.

Sound wave art of your baby’s first moments make for a great conversation piece as well. Guests—whether they are family or friends—will be able to hear your baby’s first moments simply by scanning the QR code with their own mobile devices. You could even gift the sound wave art to grandparents, aunts and uncles, and other people who would treasure having such a unique and emotional piece of art in their home.

How Do You Make Sound Wave Pictures?

Sound wave pictures are incredibly easy to make using the Sound Wave Picture process. They are very customizable as well, as you can change the colors and styles to suit any type of interior design. (For detailed explanations, please see this article) 

  • Step One: Upload your audio or video to the site and trim the portion you’d like to transform
  • Step Two: Play with the sound wave controls to choose widths, colors and shapes for your sound wave picture; add custom text if you’d like; and choose whether or not you want a QR code
  • Step Three: Download your art or choose to have it printed on a canvas
  • Step Three: Hang up the art and enjoy! Be sure to scan your QR code when you want to enjoy your special moment

If you are ready to have a unique piece of art that captures your baby’s first moments forever, why wait? Create your baby’s first words sound wave now!


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