Turn the first word of your baby into sound wave Art. Is it Mommy or Daddy?

soundwave art of baby's heartbeat

Why and How to create a sound wave art of your baby's first words, heartbeats, or chuckles?

Think about it, from the beginning, your baby learns to communicate. The first form of communication in any baby is to cry. Every time your baby cries and you rush to tend to her, you are setting the stage for communication. The next way babies start to communicate is to make sounds like cooing, growling and babbling. Once your baby starts practicing their consonants, it’s only a matter of time before your baby starts trying to mimic the sounds you make when you speak.

But when will you your baby’s first words? Critical steps for a baby learning to speak occur in the first three years of life, when their brain is developing rapidly. Meanwhile, the development of your baby’s speech depends on your “talking to the baby” and the skills of your baby.

Baby’s First Words, captured as art

The moment your baby will say these first magical words varies a lot from one baby to another. Parents listen carefully while waiting for their baby first words they want to hear, their names. All moms want their baby’s first word to be “ma-ma” and dads expect “da-da”, but babies often say “da-da” because it’s a little easier to master over the sound “m” of “mother”.

No parent will want to forget their baby’s first word. There is a more effective way to remember your baby’s first word through the baby’s sound wave. Imagine having your baby’s first words on the wall! This custom-made art of sound wave will remind you of that special moment when your child started talking. Our exclusive soundwave converter allows you to transform your recording, in all its details, into a striking work of art for your wall, for the crib or for your child’s room. You will have a special way of expressing the sound wave of your baby.

No matter what the first word of your baby is, convert their words into a beautiful art of sound wave picture. Scan the QR code to listen to their voice whenever you want.

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