Best Nursery Gift Ideas

sound wave art nursery decor

Find the very best Nursery Décor and Nursery Gift Ideas in this post 😉

The arrival of a new baby means getting their nursery ready along with the toys that they will need to play and expand their world.

Best Nursery Décor

The best nursery décor augments the bright, beautiful world that the baby will see when they arrive in their new home. What follows are a few trendy ideas for this room in your home.

Soundwave Art: Whether it is your baby’s first heartbeats or first words, it is always meaningful to have something personalized on your wall. You can upload their voice or heartbeat to have the soundwave art. And it is free to take a look at it on our website.

Board & Batten: The board and batten look is one that is timeless. A clean design that is easy to maintain, it also provides plenty of details for your baby’s imagination to take off. Plus, it’s easier to put into place compared to an accent wall.

Farmhouse: Bring the country into the nursery with a simple farmhouse feel. Natural textures in plank form that align the walls of the nursery bring a warm, fuzzy feeling to the baby. Plus, it can be easily decorated and augmented, so that it combines the farm with a more modern feel.

Plaid: It’s not just for lumberjacks or grunge bands, plaid has made yet another comeback thanks to its warm, home-like feel. You can get decorative wallpaper in plaid along with bedding, swaddles, and even wall decals if that is not enough. Plaid provides a fascinating contrast that your baby will enjoy.

Of course, even the best nursery décor will require toys to fill it. What follows are some of the best nursery gift ideas that will provide many hours of fun for the baby.

Best Nursery Gift Ideas

When you are searching for the right gifts that will help make the nursery a fun place for the baby to be, you should be thinking about toys that stimulate the senses. Babies are discovering everything for the first time, so giving them something that attracts their attention and keeps them interested is the way to go.

Sound Wave Art: hanging a voice on your wall is now possible with’s online tool which enables to turn your baby’s first words, or their heartbeats into visually aesthetic wall art.

Rattles: Sometimes the old-fashioned toys are the best and rattles are certainly one of them. You can purchase the traditional wooden rattles, but there are many toys that make the same noise which will fascinate your baby.

Sensory Balls: These are plastic balls that come in different colors and textures which have a remarkable feel for the baby. They are also quite strong which means that they can stand up to whatever the baby will do to them.

Taggie Toys: These are plush toys that come with several tags on the side which are made of different textures. Babies love the feel of different textures and a single toy or even a blanket with similar tags will do the trick. The tags are on the outside, so the baby can still hug or cradle the toy or blanket.  

Teether: A good wooden teether, especially one that also features silicone is a safe toy for your baby to chew. It’s also a toy that will withstand many hours of chewing which makes it a good investment for your baby to explore.

The best nursery gift ideas are usually simple, inexpensive, and durable so that the baby will play with them often.


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