Best Baby Shower Gifts

soundwave art of baby's heartbeat

When it comes to baby shower gifts, personalized gifts are the best!

Attending a baby shower is one of the greatest joys as you start the process of welcoming a new baby into the world. However, finding the right gift can be a daunting task, especially if you are not that familiar with what to get for this type of event. Fortunately, the best baby shower gift ideas are simple, inexpensive, and will help create memories that last for a lifetime.

It helps if the mother has registered for the things that are needed which makes your search easier to do. But if not, what follows are five suggestions that will make the perfect baby shower gift and be appreciated for years to come.

Baby's First Heartbeats as Soundwave Art

One of the greatest personalized gift for baby showers is Soundwave of baby’s first heartbeats. It allows you to remember baby’s first moments in a truly unique way. You can just glance at your living room wall and scan the QR code to hear the soundwave of baby’s heartbeat again and again. Text on the artwork can be customized as well. One of the most famous quotes for this kind of artwork is: “A few beats of your heart changed our lives forever”


Crib Changing Pack

A good starter pack that allows parents to change the crib right there will definitely be appreciated, especially late at night. This is a two-part product that covers the mattress entirely. If the baby has an accident or gets sick, you can simply unzip the top sheet and replace it in seconds all without having to remove the mattress. This is a great gift that will definitely be appreciated the first time it is used.

Diaper Caddy

Having everything you need to change the baby, especially when you are traveling is always a plus. A good diaper caddy will have everything needed and sit flat so you can pull out what you want, when you want. It should also have compartments for diapers, wipes, lotions, and a good changing mat so nothing below the baby is touched. Plus, you can choose from several different colors to make a unique gift, although you should consider that diaper caddies are pretty popular baby shower gifts, so yours might not be the only one.


A simple journal of baby’s first year is gift that will be appreciated each and every day. This is a planner that not only serves as a place for memories to be written down, but it is also a medical log, scrapbook, and even provides guidance to help new parents with their baby. This is a baby shower gift for a lifetime as they will look back fondly on baby’s first year.

Non-Contact Thermometer

The only thermometer your child will need, you will want to get the thermometer that can read the temperature from the child’s forehead or their ear. The non-contact part is perfect when you want to take the temperature of a sleeping baby. This way, you can track their temperature if they are sick. Plus, being non-contact means fewer incidents of waking up the baby.

Soothing Sounds

Arguably the one thing that most new parents do not fully realize is how little sleep they will get after the baby arrives. A soothing sounds gift offers pleasing white noise that will help the baby sleep better and adjust. The thanks you receive for this gift will not only happen when you give it, but weeks from now when the parents are using it.

The best baby shower gifts are ones that you will love to give and will be part of the baby’s new world when they arrive home.


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